There is this scene from the Malayalam movie Kizhakkunarum Pakshi where Innocent asks Mala if he can teach him how to wrestle as he wanted to take part in a competition the next week. Mala in turn sarastically asks him to come back just the previous night of the event and he would teach him everything.

I had coined this term wrestling for the so called demos on short notice which the management keeps commiting to the clients. Later the news would be announced to us and will be asked to get all the functionalities, which they have promised to demo, working in a very short time. Then happens a big day & night battle by the development team to get the demo system up and running and also most importantly good looking.

When I started my career, we used to take all the Wrestling Competitions as new challenges at work. Shankar used to constantly motivate me with his pep talks to make me work with him throughout the nights to get the things working. Working late nights and ulcers were not new things for all of us back then.

When I joined Wockix, I carried on the legacy of the term there and was succesfully made synonymous among Arun, Anoop and others. But I avoided staying overnights coz I had almost got fed up of this exercise which never beared any fruit till then. I had started giving more importance to good food and sleep.

Now as I started working in a bigger company where more people work, had better management strategies and planning, I had least expected a Wrestling to happen. But I was wrong. It happened here too. And the battle – desparate meetings, running aroud, all night work, frustrated shoutings, work on weekends, late mornings etc. kept on giving me a sense of deja vu.

Now as I have ventured into a business of my own, I think I would totally cut down the Wrestling and would encourage a clean and nice weekend and night’s sleep for the employees.Can I commit it???

Is Wresting there to stay??Will I be successful!!!!

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