A student from FMS, Delhi has contacted us for some information about our company—

1) Top five players in vlsi design services segment (wipro, sasken etc)
IBM,GE(Both India subsidiary),Wipro,HCL,Sasken,Sanyo,Mindtree.
Besides, Patni runs a dedicated ODC in India for Hitachi Japan, while HCL runs one for Toshiba Japan. Even Sanyo’s Indian subsidiary, SLTI, provides development support and design services in the area of LSI/VLSI design and embedded software.
When servicing for Europian and US market is concerned then Wipro has ODC-Offshore Development Centre for Nokia,AMD,INtel,Genesis Microchip,PMC-Sierra,nVidia etc and similarly e-Infochips too.

Interestingly these companies have to fight with the services based companies in Japan itself —Fujitsu, Hitachi, NTT Data, NEC and IBM Japan control over 70 percent of the market.

Note:You need to make some more research here!!!

2) New startups
Apara Design Automation, Digipro Design Automation, Usha Matra ,ITTIAM,Mindtree,Sasken,SolvEx,Purple Vision,Powai Labs,Ayoshi Networks,Network Programs,Control Net(acquired by PSPL) etc.

3) Some information about:
a) Highest frequency they work on
This question is specific to the product based organization or design specific.Services based company will do what has been asked for.

b) Smallest geometry
Working on 45 nano meters a very few companies but yes 65nm is quite common.Again this is design or product specific.As Tape out is done of the design hence the product based organization decides on what technology they need to work considering power consumption,area optimization,speed and frequency of operation etc.

c) Biggest Chip worked on
Try it yourself!!!!!

4) Whether they are into
a) Front end activity: Full spec development, Architectural design, IP sourcing, logical/RTL design, full custom design, mixed signal/analog, system level simulation, design verification/ specman, formal verification, synthesis & timing closure

Well tey are into different domain and areas as well,I hope the earlier mail(infact the document attached talks about the same-w.r.t networking,communication,wireless,automation,transport etc).The ODC they have e.g.Nokia,Motorola,Sony,Samsung etc will determine what kind of work /domain they are into.Basically it is Verification/simulation,Spec development,NO SYNTHESIS ,NO RTL DESIGN.

b) Backend activity: place & route semicustom, Backend Physical verification on DRC/LVS, mask preparation


5) How is your company, “SolveEx Microsystems”, trying to capture the market? (Marketing Strategy: Long and Short time)

Our old friends network spread majorly working in Japan and Europe and now who are part of our team are the major contributors for fetching the business for us.Japan requires loyalty and knowledge of japanese is must -one of our colleague who has married to a Japanese lady and has been staying in Japan for 10 years is the main source.Then in Mercelie –France there are some teammates staying who are majorly keeping an eye over europian market.They are working from a house and it is said to be SolvEx –France 🙂

There efforts have got us a project in Memory controller verification and Verification Intellectual Property (VIP) developmen for the ARM based bus.

Our expertise is into Verification through System Verilog,Specman-e and Verilog.We provide consultancy for the testbench design as well which we have done for the Pune based design organization who was into medical equipments based tool sets(real time systems which were very sensitive and was based on the FPGA).

6) How effective is the marketing team and Business Development Managers (BDMs) in bringing new business as well as building customer loyalty?

We don’t have a separate marketing team but our founders, and technical people only do the multiple jobs w.r.t R & D,Team leading,market research etc.Our one point business contact is Mr.Sameer Shah -Managing Director, based in Pune and co-ordination at a higher hierarchy with France and Japan is done by Mr.Shivadaass.

All technical presenatations and know how + strategies are developed by Mr.Ashlesh Buddhiraja and Mr.Shivadaass.

There efforts have kept the confidence and the business of the group very high and RoI has become great.Just 18 people —
2 Japan
3 France
2 Pune
6 Bangalore
2 Goa and
3 Delhi

is our strength .


W.r.t. any further information please feel free to ask but don’t forget to send the current state of your case study or Project Sheets.

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