Research and Education

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Research is a continuous process for the exploration and to get the higher efficiency and response.The community  consisting of  open source  software and hardware enthusiasts are involved in various aspects of Open solutions and improvements with EDA,VLSI tools,Algorithms,Business models and solutions.

We have 4 major divisions as part our community  initiative:


  • IP Development
  • EDA
  • Embedded Technology
  • Latest Technologies in Chip design -Analog mixed signal, Low Power, System on Chip

Verification Centric Course

•         Comprehensive Functional Verification (CFV)



  •        SystemVerilog for Design (SVD)
  •        Python
  •        SystemVerilog Assertions (SVA)
  •        SystemVerilog for Verification (SVTB)


•          Open Verification Methodology (OVM) and UVM


•         Gate Level Simulation (GLS)

•         ABV Beyond RTL (ABV)

•         OOP Basics

•         Incremental adoption of SV

•         Coverage Driven Verification


We also offer customized training with open and free SW/HW sources in

Course 1:VHDL and VLSI Design 1

Course 2:VHDL and VLSI Design 2

Course 3: Matrix Keyboard Controller

Course 4: Console desk Controller

Course 5: 16 Segment X 8 LED display controller

Course 6: Generation of digital FM signals using FSK modulation

Course 7: Interface logic and implementation of NRF 2401 Bluetooth

Course 8: PWM robotic motor controller and implementation

Course 9: Design of 8259 interrupt controller and implementation in a UART receiver for robot/ gas analyser communication at 57.6 Kbps

Course 10: Direct memory access (DMA) (8237) controller and implementation in DRAM control logic

Course 11: DRAM controller

Course 12: Generation of Sine wave with programmable voltage and frequency for use in sine wave PWM inverters for AC powercontrol.
e.g. 1) Induction motor control
2) UPS
3) Welding machine

Course 13: Controller for LCD VGA display (320 X 240) pixels resolution

Course 14:Design of Bus Controllers

Course 15: Fixed point CPU design

Course 16: Floating point CPU design

Course 17: Assembly language programming for the SAM 32 bit floating point CPU

Course 18: ORCAD schematic design and analog, digital, mixed signal simulation.

Course 19: FIFO Buffers

Course 20: A to D convertor interface logic

Course 21: DSP Components and FIR Filters

Course 22: 3 Phase IGBT Inverter Controller Design

Course 23: 3 Phase SCR Converter Controller Design

Course 24:Microcontroller Basics and Embedded Systems

Course 25:8051 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems

Course 26:Embedded Hardware Designing

Course 27:Embedded Software Development

Course 28:Real Time Systems -Introducation

Course 29:Real Time Operating Systems-RTOS

Course 30:Wireless Communication