Who we are, what we do

SolvEx Group is a confluence of awesome people from semiconductor, embedded technology, hardware, software, firmware, electronics, medical devices, IoT, AI world discussing some wonderful things on freedom of thoughts, source code, community development, open software and hardware, machine, deep learning, innovation, business go to and beautiful products .

The community is the product of an idea of enthusiastic minds working in different fields and that too at different places.

After doing  lot of research and survey the group has started to provide training and customized sessions for eager and young students as well to corporate people from the industry.

SolvEx Community Group (Explore..Experiment…Solve ) also provides training and education on Open Source EDA , electronics , semiconductor and embedded systems specific tools , OS specific spins and packages to schools and colleges, and works as catalysts for usage of Open Source tools in the institutes and organizations within  country. SolvEx is motivated by the thought of spreading the awareness of Open hardware and software in the user and developer community.

Our interests lie in everything open source and their applications. When we not working on “serious” things, we like collaborating and teaching on usage of open source and hardware in Science education and basic learning for kids, develop a product and consulting.