System , Chip, Verification, Backend environment, Firmware, Product Development & Design with Open Source Tools

  1. Failure Recovery in Wireless Computing Environments(Usage of Keys as passwords):Approach/implementation
  2. Failure Recovery in Storage Computing Environments(Usage of IDAs);Approach
  3. Fast Fourier Transform  in FPGA-some innovative methods for optimization( Algorithms, scheduling, galois field, multiplication/addition)
  4. Implementing and simulating one of IPs to be used in SOCs-can download from and add some logic and verify/implement
  5. Latest Verification Techniques-How to verify Chips/SoCs/Ips: A model Approach(Study)
  6. Implementation of Design and verification through Open Source EDA Tools from Fedora Electronics Laboratory
  7. Algorithms for Reconfiguration and Yield of VLSI,
  8. Internals of CPU Verification
  9. Coverage Driven Random Based verification:Study and its applicability in SoC.IP and ASIC Verification-Case Study for DMAC/CPU/IP
  10. Take DMAC controller from me and implement a NIOS-2 Processor based systems and program a FPGA for this
  11. Redundant Disk Arrays in Transaction Processing Systems
  12. Design, Diagnosis and Reconfiguration of Defect-tolerant VLSI
  13. Design for Concurrent Error Detection in Storage/Logic Arrays
  14. Design of Testable Storage/Logic Arrays
  15. Applying hardware verification technologies to software
  16. Digital PLL

Note:A project may build upon existing work. You are encouraged to build upon existing code/results,and in your report you may copy/adapt from others papers. However, you must explicitly make it clear what you have done.