It has been almost 3 days , i have been going to Foss.In and great to make some good friends and attending fantastic talks.

Y’day talk by Russel on
Environmental sensors with Arduino
Russell Nelson
[FOSS Workshop]

and Milosch on
Low Cost and Low Power 2.4GHz hardware hacking based on OpenBeacon

was fabulous, and were the unique in terms of that they were on HARDWARE.

But unfortunately they were not present during my talk, would have been great if they had been present there.

Was really not feeling well when till 10.55AM, there were no delegates in the Audi-3, delayed by 3 mins and was at last happy to at least found a good number attending.

Attending last couple of talks a few things that are coming in my mind are not very encouraging-

1.Product developers have not been having very good hold on software as well as hardware equally-wether they are afraid of hardware(in case they are experts in Software) and unfortunately vice versa…People still don’t know what should best be applied if they want to prototype or prodcut.Should they look for OS,Parallel language/-use a microcontrollers(which one), solder-breadbord something or use an foga-which one(!)…and the list is painfuly endless.

2.Saw a booth with robot implemented with a erlang and they used a motherboard for same -a real pitty..Whom to be blamed may be academia/teachers….or the industry;-)

3.India is still better off when it comes to people with sw+hw knowldege on managerial postion.Abroad the design concept to productisation has many dimenstions- and research is fantatstic that is spread out here and there with speciatlist in certain field but indeed very less generalists…

Tonight a music entertainment and then off to Pai Viceroy for dinner out…

Hope to indulge more chit chat with fedora guys and may be Arduino and Freeduino people..

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