Book released : “Nuts and Bolts of Open Hardware”

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EDA and Semiconductor industry is gearing up for FOSS, when opencore (Open Source IP Cores), OpenSparc (Processor core from erstwhile SUN Microsystems) and Open Source Hardware(!) are making a buzz. This book addresses that how an Open hardware makes a sense in Semiconductor world and how the business in the EDA and Semiconductor world be 5 years down the line.

Open source EDA tools-compilers/simulators, methodologies, protocols, ip cores and various other initiatives will be discussed in the book.

The book is not only an awareness session for EDA and Semiconductor and an effort to motivate engineers and common people to move from proprietary resources to  use open source tools in EDA, but also to inspire them to contribute for such usage and movement.

Efforts have been made to explain in detail the inception of thought of openness in software and content has been taken from open initiative of Wikipedia at various areas and levels.

Though there are many books available on the FOSS initiatives but I realized there is less of compiled and integrated material on Open Hardware and information relevant to hardware side of embedded systems and enthusiast for semiconductor, electronics and silicon.

In a sense, hardware is becoming much more like software, up to the point where you actually fabricate an object,” von Hippel says. “That’s why you’re starting to see open source techniques in hardware. Design is largely going to shift out from manufacturers to the communities.

Further this book is an effort to make this literature capable to be accepted as text book for engineering students for their quest to understand open side of software as well as hardware, and increase their comfort zone as well as awareness and enthuse them to adopt and accept open hardware with open hearts.