I am a great fan and follower of the revolution called as
opensource.Linux,Perl ,Python,Music,Vedas and Love- all those objects which don’t follow any boundries ,I am for them..

Heared so much about Prof.Stallman and Linus Torvalds ,and  it was Dr.Anil Seth in Goa ,who triggered my thoughts in the direction of promoting the Linux and opensource software.In Goa ,I first understood about the Linux user group and various communities involved..Infact I have used and seen GUI’s of almost all the Linux’s in use-Mandrake,Knoppix,Red hat ,SuSe and Fedora-17but have not got my hands dirty with the installation .

I bought a new hard disk of Samsung too,today only.Hopefully it full fill my ambitions of getting the job comfortably.
Someday ,hopefully will be able to initiate people in using the Linux in all the Internet surfing cafes in town.:-}


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