Execution Team : 

Amrutha H- System and Product Design Engineer

Amrutha leads and manages the team for complete end to end medical, IoT and HW based products. With special interest in innovative product development she takes care of idea to productisation.

P Anhsuman-  Embedded System Engineer

Anshuman develops and implements embedded systems  using small machines like Arduino, NodeMCU, Raspberry Pi  at SolvEx. His focus is on complete product development,  Innovation with applications in IoT/Connected world, and health care systems.


Srivithya D- VLSI/Chip Design Engineer : 

Srivithya develops and implements accelerators, concurrent system using FPGAs and ASIC at SolvEx. Her focus is on prototype and proof of concepts development,  Innovation with applications in Hardware eccentric power, performance optimizations. She takes care of front end flow of VLSI design.

Srivithya also provides training on VLSI with major areas like System Verilog, FPGA design and Verification.


Advisers : 

Nagaraj N:

Nagaraj takes care of day to day and overall income and expenses and keeps track of budget and every penny coming and going out. He has more than 20 years of experience in running an organisation and keep the finances grow.

Dr. Suguna S:

With keen interest in technology, Dr Suguna has been the main force behind this initiative. Suguna did her doctorate from Hyderabad University and has special role to guide towards right path on Medical, Healthcare, Nutrition and Systems that eases societal life.

S Mukund :

With managing projects w.r.t. CPU, ASIC, SOC, Embedded systems, Chip design, Firmware, Overall product and system development and validation, S Mukund also navigates the timelines, schedules of the projects. His recent interest has been into small embedded machines like Arduino, Raspberry Pi based automation and product development with these.

Akshaya G :

Akshaya’s main areas of technical interest are in IOT hardware security, Cryptography, digital design, Microprocessors. She is exploring opportunities for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications in System on Chip and IoT areas.