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System Verilog based Universal Testbench for IPs/ASICs/SOCs

23 March, 2010 s 6312

Introduction This post discusses Random constraint-based verification and explains how random verification can complement the directed verification for the generic designs. In our case this is demonstrated by an “ARM processor based platform”. The Constrained Random Techniques (CRT) can be effectively used for verifying large complex designs. As CRT can automatically generate a large number of test cases, it can hit corner cases faster and help in reaching conditions that would normally not be easily reached with traditional methods. These features are built over and above an already existing legacy Verilog environment. Random verification for generic designs is implemented by […]

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On Layout Tools and others

18 January, 2010 s 7218

Hope I will be able to know the answers of these questions after 6 months (in case they have not  dealt  with in the current scope of lectures and subject coverage till now ). And in case if I have missed something then can someone please answer and discuss them?? How is Layout different from Placement and Route? What is the difference between Synopsys Astro and Cadence Virtuoso-do they offer layout or are just placement and routing tools?)Comparing them with Magic and LASI) ! What is the intermediate map/snapshot/diagram- which we can use and create a complete chip out of […]

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Semiconductor Design Services

10 July, 2007 s 7635

A student from FMS, Delhi has contacted us for some information about our company— 1) Top five players in vlsi design services segment (wipro, sasken etc)IBM,GE(Both India subsidiary),Wipro,HCL,Sasken,Sanyo,Mindtree.Besides, Patni runs a dedicated ODC in India for Hitachi Japan, while HCL runs one for Toshiba Japan. Even Sanyo’s Indian subsidiary, SLTI, provides development support and design services in the area of LSI/VLSI design and embedded software.When servicing for Europian and US market is concerned then Wipro has ODC-Offshore Development Centre for Nokia,AMD,INtel,Genesis Microchip,PMC-Sierra,nVidia etc and similarly e-Infochips too. Interestingly these companies have to fight with the services based companies in Japan […]