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Startup Acts

19 October, 2016 s 6470

What are the things that you must do or consider doing in the early stages of your venture. Assuming that you have already started developing […]

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Education :Re-Engineered

6 September, 2016 s 7546

After finishing my schooling and then during graduation ,I always had doubts regarding the pedagogy with which engineering, science, commerce and even arts at the […]

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C++ How to

19 July, 2015 s 0

There are students from 10th and 11th classes , who are little uncomfortable , when the transition from simple(!) world of procedural language like C […]

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Need Project Trainee

1 February, 2010 s 7526

For our requirements we need at least 15-20project trainee engineers with Bachelor’s  Degree in Computer Science or Electronics.As the ongoing projects are research based hence […]

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The Pulse

15 May, 2009 s 7409

WHO ARE WE?We are a bunch of people who are-artist, designer, educator, and writer. WHAT DO WE DO?Our interests and skills (the basic nouns): Marketing […]

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Market of Low cost FPGAs

10 July, 2007 s 7677

It is said that there is an increased adoption of programmable logic in more applications. And that, development costs of alternative technologies such as ASIC […]

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Indian semicon industry

10 July, 2007 s 7035

Our telecom and IT minister, Hon’ble Dayanidhi Maran resigned late last week. It prompted a friend to ask me whether this move would derail India’s […]

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The Wrestling

5 July, 2007 s 6699

There is this scene from the Malayalam movie Kizhakkunarum Pakshi where Innocent asks Mala if he can teach him how to wrestle as he wanted […]