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Millionaire’s Problem and me :-)

6 October, 2012 s 10302

Python is a beautiful world.It indeed takes you near the nature -where we can see and make things implemented in the language – nearest to what nature speaks in. I dont know -but i believe that if God is a coder/programmer than he would have coded the world in Python language and spoken Sanskrit:-) Well, i try to write and edit about something -that demonstrates the usefulness and ease of Python in day to day life. Was just going through Bryan Mills article on “The Millionaires Problem” and was thinking can I have some better solution for this. And indeed […]

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My notes at Foss.In

4 December, 2009 s 7197

It has been almost 3 days , i have been going to Foss.In and great to make some good friends and attending fantastic talks. Y’day talk by Russel onEnvironmental sensors with Arduino Russell Nelson [FOSS Workshop]and Milosch on Low Cost and Low Power 2.4GHz hardware hacking based on OpenBeacon was fabulous, and were the unique in terms of that they were on HARDWARE. But unfortunately they were not present during my talk, would have been great if they had been present there. Was really not feeling well when till 10.55AM, there were no delegates in the Audi-3, delayed by 3 […]