There are students from 10th and 11th classes , who are little uncomfortable , when the transition from simple(!) world of procedural language like C to , a more organised language(let me not call as OO language yet).This post is for those students , how to learn , how to practice , what to do and why they should learn along with where they should refer to on case of doubts.


Why :

The answer is simple , C is procedural language , is not modular , is not structured .When you go to advanced and complex implementations , you woul like to have modularity, re-usability and would ensure there is a process for this and C++ is one of the answers for this .Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism ,abstraction-all fancy and necessary ingredients of object based language .Object -concerted form and classes -a collection of function and data -this is what all it takes to basically learn C++.


How :

I would suggest open source systems like distros of linux are best -as it provides all kinds of IDEs(Integrated Development Environments )-Anjutha ,Eclipse and many more .

Though for Windows Bprland and Eclipse too have such environments , try this -

Some linux installers-

Some spins:

On the Go linux :

Where :

Plenty of tutorials for Android phone , plenty of PDFs and websites are there , just download some examples and compile and run .Once again books from Yashwant Kanetkar-Let us C, Let us C++, TSR in C , Pointers in C are better than others .


Before starting with C++, i suggest to first understand and handson C , then learn the basics of object oriented mechanism and its background.