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Book released : “Nuts and Bolts of Open Hardware”

1 August, 2012 s 9075

EDA and Semiconductor industry is gearing up for FOSS, when opencore (Open Source IP Cores), OpenSparc (Processor core from erstwhile SUN Microsystems) and Open Source Hardware(!) are making a buzz. This book addresses that how an Open hardware makes a sense in Semiconductor world and how the business in the EDA and Semiconductor world be 5 years down the line. Open source EDA tools-compilers/simulators, methodologies, protocols, ip cores and various other initiatives will be discussed in the book. The book is not only an awareness session for EDA and Semiconductor and an effort to motivate engineers and common people to […]

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Startup Acts

19 October, 2016 s 6470

What are the things that you must do or consider doing in the early stages of your venture. Assuming that you have already started developing and validating your idea, the following are some activities that should be high on your priority list: Find a partner Incorporate and open bank account Trademark your brand and register your web domain Office and related infrastructure Network Take notes Of course, these can happen in parallel with developing your idea…the point is to act. Act I: Partner in Crime (or Sleeping Partner, because you will share a hotel room with them at some point) […]

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Book released on Understanding Digital Signal Processing with MATLAB Programs

19 October, 2016 s 0

About the content: This book tries to understand Digital Signal Processing using figures. The objective is not to teach coding. The codes provided use simple commands but the author expects the reader to have fun in understanding DSP by tweaking some parameters of the codes which would result in new figures to clear the concepts of DSP. The prerequisite is the desire to understand a topic thoroughly. About the author: The author of this book, Siva Kumar Tadepalli was born in Warangal, India, in 1978. He received the B.E. degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla […]

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Education :Re-Engineered

6 September, 2016 s 7546

After finishing my schooling and then during graduation ,I always had doubts regarding the pedagogy with which engineering, science, commerce and even arts at the university level(exams,syllabus et al) was carried on. During my Master in Arts(M.Music-Khairagarh Univesrity), I got so disappointed that my disagreement and hopelessness with the system & process in specifics, culminated and made me to drop out of the college and I decided to say bye to the university system of teaching. Later on during Gurukul days I feel that I’ve rediscovered the zeal for the education within myself. Today I plan to write down what […]

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C++ How to

19 July, 2015 s 0

There are students from 10th and 11th classes , who are little uncomfortable , when the transition from simple(!) world of procedural language like C to , a more organised language(let me not call as OO language yet).This post is for those students , how to learn , how to practice , what to do and why they should learn along with where they should refer to on case of doubts.   Why : The answer is simple , C is procedural language , is not modular , is not structured .When you go to advanced and complex implementations , […]

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Book on “Python :A Kid’s and Hardware Engineer’ Perspective”

28 October, 2012 s 10126

U S and Europe edition: This book explains experiences in learning Python and implementing the same .And this topic-“Python: A Kids and Hardware Engineer’s Perspective “- because not many books are targeted for this audience for the language in which I think is the easiest path to make your dreams into reality. Python must be the ideal choice for removing the hesitation to get into coding and make your hands dirty-this is the feeling which haunts both hardware engineers and kids equally for a programming language.   Please click at below image for buying within India:

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Millionaire’s Problem and me :-)

6 October, 2012 s 10302

Python is a beautiful world.It indeed takes you near the nature -where we can see and make things implemented in the language – nearest to what nature speaks in. I dont know -but i believe that if God is a coder/programmer than he would have coded the world in Python language and spoken Sanskrit:-) Well, i try to write and edit about something -that demonstrates the usefulness and ease of Python in day to day life. Was just going through Bryan Mills article on “The Millionaires Problem” and was thinking can I have some better solution for this. And indeed […]

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Linux Lagan Laagi Hai

9 September, 2012 s 7724

I am a great fan and follower of the revolution called as opensource.Linux,Perl ,Python,Music,Vedas and Love- all those objects which don’t follow any boundries ,I am for them.. Heared so much about Prof.Stallman and Linus Torvalds ,and  it was Dr.Anil Seth in Goa ,who triggered my thoughts in the direction of promoting the Linux and opensource software.In Goa ,I first understood about the Linux user group and various communities involved..Infact I have used and seen GUI’s of almost all the Linux’s in use-Mandrake,Knoppix,Red hat ,SuSe and Fedora-17but have not got my hands dirty with the installation . I bought a […]

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System Verilog based Universal Testbench for IPs/ASICs/SOCs

23 March, 2010 s 6312

Introduction This post discusses Random constraint-based verification and explains how random verification can complement the directed verification for the generic designs. In our case this is demonstrated by an “ARM processor based platform”. The Constrained Random Techniques (CRT) can be effectively used for verifying large complex designs. As CRT can automatically generate a large number of test cases, it can hit corner cases faster and help in reaching conditions that would normally not be easily reached with traditional methods. These features are built over and above an already existing legacy Verilog environment. Random verification for generic designs is implemented by […]

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Need Project Trainee

1 February, 2010 s 7526

For our requirements we need at least 15-20project trainee engineers with Bachelor’s  Degree in Computer Science or Electronics.As the ongoing projects are research based hence Masters shall be desirable but not mandatory. Below is the list of projects that are either  completed and need enhancements or need to be started from the scratch. Assignment will be for minimum period of 3 months. Criteria: Understanding of Linux,Unix, Perl/Shell scripts,Data Structures(desirable),CPU architecture(desirable),VHDL/Verilog(mandatory),Algorithm implementation in HDL,FPGA architeture, C based programming(mandatory).

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On Layout Tools and others

18 January, 2010 s 7218

Hope I will be able to know the answers of these questions after 6 months (in case they have not  dealt  with in the current scope of lectures and subject coverage till now ). And in case if I have missed something then can someone please answer and discuss them?? How is Layout different from Placement and Route? What is the difference between Synopsys Astro and Cadence Virtuoso-do they offer layout or are just placement and routing tools?)Comparing them with Magic and LASI) ! What is the intermediate map/snapshot/diagram- which we can use and create a complete chip out of […]

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My notes at Foss.In

4 December, 2009 s 7197

It has been almost 3 days , i have been going to Foss.In and great to make some good friends and attending fantastic talks. Y’day talk by Russel onEnvironmental sensors with Arduino Russell Nelson [FOSS Workshop]and Milosch on Low Cost and Low Power 2.4GHz hardware hacking based on OpenBeacon was fabulous, and were the unique in terms of that they were on HARDWARE. But unfortunately they were not present during my talk, would have been great if they had been present there. Was really not feeling well when till 10.55AM, there were no delegates in the Audi-3, delayed by 3 […]

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We’ll be talking at at Bangalore

9 November, 2009 s 7459

Our talk on “VLSI/EDA Ecosystem and impact of Free and Open Source Movement” is scheduled at at Bangalore. Catch us there 😉 Its Nimhans Convention Center on 3rd Dec. Note:’2009 is Worlds largest FOSS movement and conference.

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How To Generate Original Creative Ideas On Any Subject

22 October, 2009 s 7188

Happened to go through a beautiful article by Milo Bono and noting down some of points I could remember. I found the exercise very good and constructive.Especially for the periods when you become kind of numb and spirit is willing to go that extra mile.You neither have the direction nor motivation; have applied it myself and has worked miracles.Its about How To Generate Original Creative Ideas On Any Subject… Random Word Stimulation is a powerful technique that provides a practical method of accessing your subconscious mind and utilize the wealth of information it contains to generate fresh new original ideas. […]

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The Pulse

15 May, 2009 s 7409

WHO ARE WE?We are a bunch of people who are-artist, designer, educator, and writer. WHAT DO WE DO?Our interests and skills (the basic nouns): Marketing Graphic Design / Art Direction Creative Direction Information Design Interface Design Publicity Publication Education Communication Advertising New Media Solutions and Combinations Social Networking Collaborative Spaces Modular Design Community Outreach Programs Identifying New Markets Creating New Systems Site Architecture Innovative Uses for Existing Systems and Media Our interests and skills (the basic verbs): Connecting Communicating Educating Developing Designing WHERE DO WE FIT IN?Our interests in language, communication, perception, design, human interaction, and culture has prepared us […]

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Discussion with the client

6 April, 2009 s 8511

Me and Bharat with Satish reached N**** on time. There were 3 engineers -2 Europians and 1 Indian. After a brief introduction about ourselves I went with the Indian N*** interviewer,who was a Project Manager.In the meanwhile Bharat was having interview with Europian interviewers. My experiences and questions : Interview-1 The Indian interviewer told me that he is the Project Manager for the big IP(not SoC),that is actually a Physical(PHY Layer) IP,which has some digital logic being implemented and a seperate RF(Radio Frequency) module .These two divisions make it a complete Analog Mixed Signal IP(AMS). He asked me about the […]

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Factory Model in Fabless Semiconductor Industry —2

15 December, 2007 s 7149

Reading The Toyota Way by Jeffrey Liker got me to thinking about the benefits of bringing manufacturing into the realm of ASIC design (low cost, high quality, predictability, etc). The production system reflecting that philosophy allows Toyota to consistently figure as one of the best companies in the world. It’s hard to comprehensively describe a philosophy in words but it is generally accepted that there are 14 principles that capture the essence of the Toyota Way. How can these 14 be applied to ASIC design? My thoughts at last as conclusion and summary: #1. Base your management decisions on a […]

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Market of Low cost FPGAs

10 July, 2007 s 7677

It is said that there is an increased adoption of programmable logic in more applications. And that, development costs of alternative technologies such as ASIC and ASSP continue to rise. Does this make a case for low-cost FPGAs? Altera seems to believe in this. According to the company, when Altera created the low-cost FPGA market with the introduction of its Cyclone FPGAs, the consumer product market in Taiwan became a primary focus. Its contention is worth noting. Needs of consumers change rapidly. Low-cost FPGAs are , in this scenario, said to be the best vehicle to reduce time-to-market and bring […]

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Indian semicon industry

10 July, 2007 s 7035

Our telecom and IT minister, Hon’ble Dayanidhi Maran resigned late last week. It prompted a friend to ask me whether this move would derail India’s semicon policy and the path the industry had taken. Of course not! We’ve made a good start, and there’s still some way to go. The former minister has put us on a good path and the Indian semiconductor industry has been taking the right steps to figure among the top nations soon. Take a look at some statistics. According to the India Semiconductor Association (ISA), India’s total semiconductor consumption in 2005 was about US $2.8 […]

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Semiconductor Design Services

10 July, 2007 s 7635

A student from FMS, Delhi has contacted us for some information about our company— 1) Top five players in vlsi design services segment (wipro, sasken etc)IBM,GE(Both India subsidiary),Wipro,HCL,Sasken,Sanyo,Mindtree.Besides, Patni runs a dedicated ODC in India for Hitachi Japan, while HCL runs one for Toshiba Japan. Even Sanyo’s Indian subsidiary, SLTI, provides development support and design services in the area of LSI/VLSI design and embedded software.When servicing for Europian and US market is concerned then Wipro has ODC-Offshore Development Centre for Nokia,AMD,INtel,Genesis Microchip,PMC-Sierra,nVidia etc and similarly e-Infochips too. Interestingly these companies have to fight with the services based companies in Japan […]

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